12th Annual Badge and Recognition Ceremony

On October 1, 2011 our department held its annual

ceremony to recognize those individuals who are celebrating

service anniversaries, promotions or new firefighters who are

coming off probationary status.  This year's event was once again

held at Hendersonville High School.  We are certainly grateful

to them for allowing us to use their auditorium.

We were fortunate to have in attendance Kelley Hibbs and

her daughter, Gracie.  Kelly was gracious enough to perform

our National Anthem during the opening of the program.

We are certainly grateful for her assistance.

Firefighter Ethan Duncan and guests

Firefighter Baxter Overton and guests

Firefighter Mark Negrin and guests


Family members of Deputy Assistant Bob Galoppi

Firefighter Andy Chapman and guests


Opening remarks by Chief Steele 

Colors were posted by our department's Honor Guard




Captain Scotty Bush was honored for 25 years

of service to the City of Hendersonville.


Bob Galoppi was recognized for his promotion

from Fire Investigator to Deputy Assistant Chief.



Bob was pinned by his daughter, Abigail.


Remarks by Chief Galoppi

Badge and Helmet Presentation

These men are our newest rookie firefighters who have completed

their probation and received their badges and leather helmets.


Left to right:  Andy Chapman, Zach Dean, Ethan Duncan,

Mark Negrin and Baxter Overton


Each firefighter had their selected guest or family member

come on stage to pin their badge on their uniform.


Taking their firefighter oath..........


The history of the Cairns Leather Yorker helmet

is explained by Chief Steele.


Helmets are presented by Chief Parker and Chief Steele.


Remarks by Firefighter Andy Chapman

Remarks by Firefighter Baxter Overton

Remarks by Firefighter Mark Negrin

Deputy Assistant Chief Bob Galoppi and Chief Steele

Chief Parker, Chief Galoppi, Chief Steele & Chief Armstrong

Chief Parker, Chief Armstrong & Chief Galoppi

Chief Galoppi and Family




Firefighter Zach Dean and Firefighter Baxter Overton

Will and Sharon Guisinger



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