Hendersonville Fire Department

Dive Rescue & Recovery Team

The Hendersonville Fire Department Dive Rescue / Recovery Team consists of personnel who are

certified divers and have received specialized training and education in underwater search and recovery techniques. 

Much of the water around Hendersonville is considered hazardous with low visibility and these dives require specialized

techniques and procedures to safely conduct a search and recovery operation. The HFD Dive Rescue / Recovery Team

is also trained to respond to water related emergencies that involve injuries including care, treatment and in

some cases, the transportation  of injured. All personnel are PADI certified and have received training

 in open water, advanced diver and dive rescue  operations.  In addition, they have completed

Dive Rescue I and II through the State Fire Academy which is taught by

TARS  (Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads). The team responds to water emergencies

that involve submersion with the  intent to rescue and resuscitate the victim.  They are equipped to provide

resuscitation and medical care to any patient encountered. 

When unfortunate circumstances results in a recovery operation, the team efficiently conducts a water based search for

the victim.  Working with other public safety agencies (law enforcement, volunteer rescue squads and fire departments),

team members and responders work together to recover the victim.

Dive Team Members


Deputuy Assistant Bob Galoppi

& Senior Firefighter, EMT Jonathan Ammons


Senior Firefighter, EMT Jay Love

& Captain, EMT Don Dallenbach


Captain, EMT David Herrington

& Captain Kevin Paseur


Senior Firefighter Jeff Webb

& Senior Firefighter, EMT Mark White


Firefighter, EMT Bryan Boyer

& Captain, EMT Gabe Hannah


Captain, EMT Mark Jurgens

& Senior Firefighter, EMT Bret Snow


Senior Firefighter Jonathan Turner

& Captain, EMT Jamie Cossler


Senior Firefighter Troy Bishop

& Firefighter Eric Fontenot


Firefighter Cody Steele

& Firefighter, EMT Travis Kimmons


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