Volunteer Firefighter Barry Lee Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Barry Lee in 1983




We are honored to recognize Volunteer Firefighter Barry Lee for his 30 years of service to the

Hendersonville Fire Department and the citizens of Hendersonville.

The Hendersonville Fire Department traces its earliest roots back to when it was totally a volunteer department.

 When the City began the municipal fire department in 1974, there were more volunteers than paid personnel. 

Through the years, the volunteers were gradually replaced by career, fulltime firefighters. 

Barry Lee is our one remaining volunteer firefighter.  During his early days, Barry physically fought fires and performed

every duty that a career firefighter performed.  He now plays an extremely important support role to our men and continues to

assist our department with many activities.  Barry is always ready to help anyone and is a public servant who truly

cares about his community and his fellowman.  Many times our firefighters look up to see him arriving on the scene

with not only moral support and encouragement but also a hot cup of coffee or a cold drink of water.

He has brought smiles to the faces of many firefighters' children and grandchildren by graciously

being our "department Santa" each year at our family Christmas dinner

The Hendersonville Fire Department would like to thank Barry Lee for his spirit of dedication and

caring that plays such a vital role to the men and women of our department.


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