Driver's and Captain's Seats

Radios (mounted and portable): Mounted on center console, portables on dash - These are 800mhz radios which are used for all radio communications.

Lights: The row of buttons across the dash -These rocker switches control a verity of light systems: compartment, light bar, rotary and strobe lights just to name a few.

Sirens and other Sounds: Just under the mounted radio and under the driver's left foot and a pull cord -Sound is one of the key elements used for safely driving emergency traffic. The electric siren, federal Q and the air horns are each effective sound systems.

Maps and Preplan Books: Just behind the center console -The maps be used when receiving a call while already on the road. The preplan books contain information on larger buildings. It can identify exits, dangers, sprinkler and standpipe connections and contains general building layout and information.

Other tools in this compartment: -Binoculars (under captain seat), paperwork on many helpful topics (behind console), medical gloves (on console), captain's air pack (behind his seat).


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