Forward Bottom Driver's Side Compartment

Supply Hose: -Large yellow 4 inch supply hose is typically found in this compartment. This hose is the primary means for water supply when a hydrant is used.

Water Supply Tools: - Hydrant adapter (on right door. This device attaches to the hydrant's Steamer discharge (largest opening), rubber mallet (next to hydrant adapter), Spanner Wrenches (below Hydrant Adapter), Jaffrey Wrenches (left door, used to connect and disconnect hose couplings), Hydrant wrench (left door, used to open hydrants, this is for low pressure hydrants) and High pressure-Low pressure Hydrant wrench (mid floor of compartment).

Other Equipment: - Red Box of Sprinkler Stops (Temp. closing activated sprinkler heads), wheel block (next to red box), Lock removing kit (k-tool and key-tool. left side of yellow hose) and one extra section of 1 3/4 inch hose.



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