Forward Top Driver's Side Compartment - Nozzles and Hardware

Nozzles: - Any Extra nozzles are stored in this door. Specialty nozzles may include smoothbore, fog, nozzles designed for foam spread, cellar, and many other unique designs.

Adapters: - Adapters are used in many hose hookup instances. Some kinds of adapters include reducers, male to male, female to female, and specialty adapters.

Gated valves: - These appliances are used to gate water to a hose without lowering the pressure at the pump. Some of the appliances are used to split the water into two or more other hoses. Examples of gated appliances are gated wye, siamese (which may or may not be gated)water thief, and portable hydrant.

Radio: -The radio on the wall to the left is an outside radio for use while pumping.


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