Mid Passenger Side Compartment - Medical

Medical Bag: Large red bag -The First Responder medical bag contains medical supplies, oxygen bottle, O2 masks and canulas. This bag is taken to every first responder incident.

Blankets and Burn Sheets: Two smaller bags to the right -The burn sheets are used on burn victims while the blankets are used in many situations.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) -The defibrillator is used when we arrive before the ambulance and find a patient without a pulse. Early defibrillation is very important for patients that have a shockable heart rythm. The AED determines if a heart rythm is shockable.

Other tools in this compartment: -Spanner wrenches (right door), hydrant wrench (left door), extra oxygen bottle (back right side) and pike poles (above compartment).



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