Rear Bottom Driver's Side Compartment

Extinguishers: - Halon ABC (right), Dry Chemical ABC (small left) and Water (chrome). ABC = which type of fire an extinguisher can be used on. A = Combustibles such as wood, paper, plastic etc... B = Liquid fires such as gasoline, diesel etc... C = Electrical Equipment or anything with electricity running to it. There is also a D = combustible metals.

AFFF (Aquius Film Forming Foam): -The 5 gallon bucket -Used at many types of hazardous material fires or spills. It forms a layer on top of the material that not only helps to extinguish a fire, but also reduces the risk of ignition or by not allowing any of the material to escape in gas form.

Spine Board -Yellow board on ceiling of compartment. Used to board patient involved in a trauma situation such as a motor vehicle accident.


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