Rear Engine Compartments

Hotel Packs: Red hose lines in center compartment - Hotel packs are 50 ft sections of 1.75 inch line that are pre-packed in easy carrying. The hotel packs come with hardware for use with a multilevel building's standpipe. The lines are attached to the standpipe on or above the fire floor while an engine attaches to the standpipe connections outside the building for supply.

Positive Pressure: Red Fan - Positive pressure fans are used to assist fire fighting and remove smoke or remove a hazardous environment from a confined area. Positive pressure ventilation is a system where by increased atmospheric pressure inside a structure is used to systematically remove hazardous environments throughout the entire structure.

Other Things Located in Rear Compartments: - Axes (left and right doors), Hose clamp (Red clamp in top compartment), Shovels and pike poles (back of compartment on wall), Backboard (top of bottom compartment)


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