Rear Passenger Side Compartment

AFFF (Aquius Film Forming Foam): The two 5 gallon buckets -Used at many types of hazardous material fires or spills. It forms a layer on top of the material that not only helps to extinguish a fire, but also reduces the risk of ignition or rekindle by not allowing any of the material to escape in gas form.

Back Board: You can just see it at the top of the compartment -The backboard may be used in any situation where a patient has possible back or neck injuries. Every patient that is transported by ambulance after a wreck must be boarded.

Base for a Master Stream: The red base on the left side of the compartment -When the need arises, the deck gun can be removed from the engine and placed on this base. This allows us to get a master stream device much closer to the fire while allowing the engine and company to maintain a safe distance. The silver hook is used to help anchor the base.

Other tools in this compartment: -Rubbish hook (bottom right), shovels (top right), gas can (bottom right), long splint board (top left), silver fan exhaust tube (left).


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