On Top of the Engine

4 inch Supply Hose: Large yellow hose - The 4 inch hose with storz connection is the primary water supply hose. The 1000 ft of hose is needed to bridge the distance to the nearest hydrant. Even longer distances can be achieved when two engines combine there hose loads. An engine may be needed to boost the water supply for such a long supply.

2.5 inch Attack/Supply Line: Left side tan hose - The 2.5 inch line is primarily used as a heavy attack line. For large fires or other fires under special conditions. The 2.5 inch line can deliver large volumes of water and works best with three or more firefighters per line. The 2.5 inch line is also used to supply sprinkler hookups, master streams and many other devices where a 4 in line is not needed.

1.75 inch Attack Line: Red, just behind and below the deck gun - The 1.75 inch lines are the primary attack lines. These are pre-connected 400 ft lines. These smaller lines are much easier to maneuver in confining areas such as a house. Though smaller than the 2.5 inch lines they are still able to deliver over 200 gpm which is more than enough for the majority of fires.

Deck Gun (Master Stream device) : Center red piping with nozzle - The deck gun is used to hit a fire with a very large volume of water. The deck would normally use a smooth bore nozzle for more reach and fire penetration. It can deliver as much as 1000 gpm. The deck gun can be removed from its engine mount and placed on a portable mount. This is helpful in the event that you need a master stream, and not the engine, close to a hazardous condition.

Other Things Located on Top of the Engine: - Spot lights (left and right), Hatch to the inside of the water tank (at the end of the 2.5 inch line), 2.5 inch nozzle (attached to 2.5 inch line) and deck gun tips (around deck gun), 6 inch hard suction (on both the left and right sides)


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