Firefighter Spotlight

Firefighter Bryan Boyer


Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?

I had volunteered while in college at Murray State University. 

When the opportunity came about to test for HFD,

I knew this was the career for me.       


   What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?

The Hendersonville Fire Department is like my second family. 

The guys I work with are my brothers. 

All these guys are guys I know I can count on. 


What is the most significant development in your career?

Engine #6 would be the most significant development

since I have worked here.  I was a part of the design team

appointed and the tremendous efforts of everyone

on the team made for a great advancement in fire apparatus. 


  What are your future plans?

I plan to progress through the ranks of our department.    


Tell us about your family

I am married to Lisa and we have two school aged daughters.




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