Firefighter Spotlight

Fire Inspector Darrell Fleming


Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?


I joined the Hendersonville Fire Department on November 1, 1974

due to some encouragement from the Fire Chief at the time,

Carl Moore for whom I had previously worked for 4 years. 

I love to learn and help people, so I knew this job would be perfect. 

I immediately became interested in the medical field and was in

the process of receiving an Associates at VSCC in Pre-Med. 

I enrolled in the EMT program and was Secretary of the

Sumner County Volunteer Ambulance Service the first

year in Hendersonville in January 1975.  I became an

EMT in February 1975.  The next year I was accepted

into the 480 hour Paramedic Program through UT

Nashville and graduated in October of 1976.


After 2 ˝ years as a Senior Firefighter/Paramedic, I left the

fire department to finish my Associates Degree at VSCC

and later transfer to Western Kentucky University in the

fall of 1977.  I graduated in May 1980 with a Bachelors

Degree and returned in 1981 to work on my Masters degree in 1990.


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?


The best part of this job is the opportunity to learn and

help people.  This job requires you to know a little bit

about everything from construction work to alarm

systems.  It is endless.  I will say the guys and

girls in the office are some of the finest individuals

I have ever been associated with.  We definitely

have a great group of people that are caring and

dedicated to their job.  I can trust every one of them

with anything I have. 


After 11 years of firefighting, I transferred from

fire suppression to fire prevention.  For the last

15 years, I’ve done inspections in existing

businesses but the last 6 years have been doing

plans review for every new building being built

in Hendersonville.  I enjoy working with the

building codes and planning department. 

The city is lucky to have such a dedicated

and knowledgeable group of personnel. 



  What are your future plans?


My eligibility date for retirement is March 1, 2011. 

I have built an old timey cabin near Dale Hollow Lake

and am building a log house on my farm in Hartsville. 

Between the two “works in progress”, I just want to

“piddle”.  I love working with old hand hewn timbers.


My daughter Malorie graduated from VSCC with

an Associates as a Medical Lab Technician.  She (I hope)

will continue her studies and earn a Bachelors as a

Medical Technologist and has mentioned working at a

hospital in Orlando, Florida.


I have fallen in love with St. Augustine, Florida and

they do sell and build some nice cypress log homes

down there so you never know what the good Lord

has in store for you.  Guess I’ll just follow his lead.






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