Firefighter Spotlight

Division Chief Donny Richardson


Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?


When I joined the Hendersonville Fire Department in October of 1975,

I never dreamed I would still be here more than 30 years later. 

I was looking for part-time work when I joined, but as time

went on it became not only a job for me, but a passion. 


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?


Helping others in need and knowing the department does

the best job possible, gives me a personal satisfaction

that is overwhelming.  The camaraderie and loyalty

that the firefighters have with one another is what makes

working at HFD such a pleasure. 


What is the most significant development in your career?


The most significant development since I have been here I feel is the

light-weight composite air bottles along with the “safer” light-weight

turnout gear.  This has made our job much easier by not only

giving us more freedom and flexibility to move, but also

doesn’t take as much of a toll on us physically which in

turn increases our job performance. 


Any community activities?


At the present time, I am not involved in many community

activities, however I am a past president of the

Firefighters Association and past Vice-President

of the Hendersonville Jaycees which I enjoyed very much. 


  What are your future plans?


My family is very important to me.  I have two daughters, Ashley

who graduated from MTSU in May and Alivia who graduated

from Hendersonville High School.    My future plans include

staying with HFD for several more years and on my time

off to do some traveling. 





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