Firefighter Spotlight

Firefighter Ed Budge

Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?

My name is Edward V. Budge.  I am proud to be a firefighter

with the Hendersonville Fire Department.  When I was a

young boy, I wanted to play football for the Dallas Cowboys,

but that didnít work out.  I spent  6 Ĺ years in the army

and 5 years working for a printing company.  After several

attempts, I was finally hired by the Hendersonville Fire Department

in June of 1993.  Like most other firefighters, the reason

I joined the department is because I enjoy helping people. 

The people that we help are more than likely facing one of the

most difficult times of their lives. 


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?

I would say without a doubt the thing I like most about the

Hendersonville Fire Department are the guys I work with.

  I would also like to let the citizens of Hendersonville know

how lucky they are to have such a caring bunch of

firefighters working for them. 


What is the most significant development in your career?

There have been so many significant developments throughout

my career.  The most significant development for me would

be the weight of our personal protective equipment

and S.C.B.A.  Having this lighter firefighting gear causes less

strain on our bodies and allows us to work more efficiently. 

The firefighters of Hendersonville have some of the

best P.P.E. available.


  What are your future plans?

In the late 1990ís, Coach Jim Miller (head wrestling coach at HHS)

and I started the Hendersonville Middle School Wrestling

Program, which is still going strong today.  I am now an assistant

wrestling coach at Beech High School.  I enjoy teaching fire safety

classes to the children of Hendersonville and surrounding areas. 

I believe it is very important for children to learn about fire safety

at a young age.  I am a member of the Hendersonville Firefighters

Union 3460.

 My family and I are members of Bethpage United Methodist Church. 

I have been on mission trips to Honduras and Haiti with an

organization called Wellspring of Life. 

 My future plan is to continue working as a firefighter

until retirement.  After retirement I hope to travel.  My dream trip

is to drive to the great state of Alaska.


Tell us about your family

I have been married to my wife Tam for 25 years.  She teaches

third grade in Macon County.  We have two children. 

Gracie is 23 and is a cosmetologist at ďAll About You SalonĒ in Gallatin. 

Eddy is 22 and recently graduated from Nashville Auto Diesel

College.  He is working at a warehouse in Nashville and hopes to

find a job in Auto Collision Repair real soon.




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