Firefighter Spotlight

Senior Firefighter, EMT Glenn Uram





Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?


I started firefighting in 1974 while living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania when I j

oined a local Volunteer Fire Department.  During the summer months, I worked

part-time at the Wilkinsburg Bureau of Fire inside Pittsburgh.


I left Pittsburgh in 1983 looking for better employment.  My searching

took me to fire departments in Tampa Florida and here in Hendersonville.  I

 applied for work at both departments and within months was made

offers from both.  I decided on Hendersonville’s offer because the

department was so young I felt that I could grow with it.  When I was hired

in 1984, the city’s fire department consisted of two fire stations

with 6 people on duty. 


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?


When I applied for work here, it was my first visit to Tennessee. 

I was very impressed with Tennessee and the Hendersonville area. 

After spending most of my life living inside Pittsburgh, I liked Hendersonville’s

low housing costs, quiet neighborhoods, small community feel and

safer environment.  Tennessee offered milder weather, better rivers

and lakes, well kept state parks and a part of the Appalachian

Mountains that I hadn’t yet explored.


  What are your future plans?


During the last 15 years, I have managed to do extensive

traveling throughout the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean. 

The one place I continue to revisit is the Caribbean

and Key West which is where my future plans lay. 

Retirement is not far off.  I’ve been watching

several different resorts being designed and built in

the Caribbean and at Key West.  The only problem is…which one?   





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