Firefighter Spotlight

Captain Larry Deen



Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?


 I was born and raised in Missouri and moved to Nashville

in 1964, married Judith Burwell in 1966 and moved to

Hendersonville in 1970.  Having had three years prior e

xperience as a firefighter (Damage Control) in the Navy,

my job at the time was routine, unfulfilling and not

very promising.  I gave up fifteen years of service

to become a professional firefighter for Hendersonville

on August 12, 1979.


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?


I am in the fire service probably for some of the same reasons

as other   firefighters.  It is exciting and also dangerous,

yet very satisfying to know that you are helping your

fellow man.  There are many different aspects of

the job that make it challenging such as: 

Fire Science/Suppression, Rescue, Hazmat,

Building Construction, Aerial Ladders,

the list goes on and all this is done while

maintaining FF Safety.      


It is not often that you get to save lives and

property at the same time.  Several years

ago my engine company got to do just

that with an old oak tree.  It was on

fire inside and out, after some difficulty

and with the use of a chainsaw, it was

extinguished and saved.  It is said to

be the oldest tree of its type in the

State of Tennessee.  Of course,

the ultimate is to save human lives.


  What are your future plans?


My wife Judith is a native of Hendersonville and we

recently enjoyed our 40th Wedding Anniversary. 

I am looking forward to retirement in a couple

of years to spend more time with her and our

grown son Joshua.  I am proud of them and

love them both very much.  We enjoy

motorcycles, street rods, classic cars/trucks

and antiques – we do benefit rides for various local charities.


I have truly enjoyed my career with good friends

and fellow firefighters.  Hendersonville is a

growing community and a great place to live

and work.  I hope that over my career I

have contributed to the betterment of the

department and the city.  I want to thank

you, the public for your support of our department. 

Most of all, Be Alert, Be Safe and “Stay off those

cell phones while driving”.





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