Firefighter Spotlight

Senior Firefighter Mike Proctor

Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?

As a child and young adult my life was affected

by several who committed their professional life to

 fire service within their communities.  I chose to

pursue a career with the Hendersonville Fire Department

in an effort to continue these good works. 

Two of these fine men, Lynn Garrison (Nashville Fire)

and O.Z. Taylor (Gallatin Fire) have passed on. 

It is in their honor that I strive to exhibit the same

love and life-long commitment to my fire service

career in Hendersonville.


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?

The Hendersonville Fire Department has grown and

evolved into one of the most professional departments

in the state of Tennessee, and can rival many throughout

the nation.  It is easy to want to be a part of such growth

and development.  The professionalism, good standing

within our community, and constantly developing programs

are by far the things I most enjoy about our department. 

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the brotherhood

and unique bond that develops between shift-mates. 

 I am grateful for the impact of each of these relationships

and believe that through each I grow and develop

into a better person.


What is the most significant development in your career?

In my time as a firefighter, I believe the most significant

and beneficial change has been that of turn-out gear. 

 At present, members of the HFD are provided with the

best available.  It is a true blessing to have a chief and

administration that believes men and women who are

provided with safe, up-to-date, and proper equipment

are better able to serve and protect those in need,

resulting in a more efficient and effective department.


Any community activities?

As a member of the HFD my position places

me face-to-face with many members of our

community.  Through these interactions I have been

blessed with many fond memories and some dear

 friends.  Through these same people, I have found

myself drawn to support many worthy groups and

organizations.  At various times, since launching my

fire service career I enjoyed affiliation with the U.S. Jaycees,

 Goodlettsville Baseball, Muscular Dystrophy Association,

 and ACA Relay for Life.  Perhaps most dear to me has

been the opportunity to support school activities and events,

of my children and others, due to the unique scheduling

of fire service.


  What are your future plans?

It is my plan to continue service with the HFD

until I reach the age of retirement.  In the future

it is my desire to continue to progress through the

ranks by attaining the title of Captain and possibly that

of Division Chief.  As history has shown our department

is ever-changing and progressing so I will continue to

be ever vigilant in watching for opportunities to better

serve and improve myself.  Regardless of the path my future

role as an HFD member takes, I hope the next years will

be as full, rewarding and enjoyable as the past.


Tell us about your family

When I began my service with the Hendersonville Fire

Department my family consisted of my wife, Julia,

and two children, Brandi and Taylor.  Since that time I have

been blessed with a second son, Travis, a son-in-law, Eric,

two beautiful grandsons, Jace & Glen, and look forward to the

arrival of a third grandson in early March.  Not only has my

“at-home” family grown but with the constant growth within

the department my extended family has expanded as well. 

My wife and children, like myself, view each and every

member of the HFD as a family member.


Additional Note

In a note of appreciation I would like to take this opportunity

to recognize Chief Gary Parker, retired Captain Tom Gordon

and Captain Ron Shoemake for their guidance, leadership,

and both personal and professional example.  These men,

and others, have helped me grow, not only as a firefighter

but also as person, and for that I will always be grateful

and appreciative.





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