Firefighter Spotlight

Fire Inspector Paul Varble


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?

I really enjoy coming to work each day.  The people I work

with make it a pleasure coming in each morning and

every day is definitely a new challenge in our ever-growing city. 

No two days are alike and that makes every day interesting. 

We are not only able to serve our citizens, but our family as well. 

We represent our city with a lot of pride.


What is the most significant development in your career?

The most significant change I have seen during my career

is the focus that the fire service has placed on firefighter safety. 

There has been a cultural shift to reduce firefighter injuries

and deaths.  We work hard in the Fire Marshal’s office to make

sure everyone goes home at the end of their shift. 

SAFETY is number one!!!  With constant training,

schools and advanced equipment, we can all perform

with a better sense of confidence.


Any community activities?

My activities include being active with the Hendersonville Fire

Department Honor Guard.  I enjoy that part of my job

very much.  Every time the honor guard performs, we represent

the department and I am very proud of that aspect of my job.    


  What are your future plans?

My future plans include continuing my education in the

fire service and eventually advancing and retiring from

the department.  Another plan of mine is to not only excel

in my career, but to slow down and enjoy life a little more.


Everyday I come to work, I learn something. 

Absolutely nothing beats on the job training; however,

 I am currently working on obtaining my Associates Degree

in Fire Science.  I want to continue to rise through the ranks

during the rest of my career.


I am very proud to be a Hendersonville Firefighter

and to serve the community.




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