Firefighter Spotlight

Captain, EMT Randy Porter



Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?


While attending Volunteer State College, I was a volunteer

firefighter here in Hendersonville.  I had applied to

Nashville Fire Department and been accepted. 

At that same time, a position came available here,

so I jumped at the opportunity.  I had already

made some good friends within our department

and loved the job, plus…Hendersonville was home.


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?


Firefighters can make a positive difference in someone’s life,

every day they go to work.  No other job offers that.  I think

we all enjoy the excitement and the fact that no two days

are alike.  As for HFD, we have a great group of men and

since we spend a third of our life together, that’s important.


What is the most significant development in your career?


In addition to fire protection, we have evolved into a department

that offers so much more.  We now answer medical calls and

all our men are licensed to provide emergency medical care. 

That’s a major advancement for us and has saved countless

lives.  Because of logistics, we can get a fire engine to you faster,

so this is a great concept.


We now address hazardous materials emergencies of all

types whereas in the past, we had to rely on Nashville. 

We have recently formed water rescue teams, within

the department.  With twenty six miles of shoreline,

this is a vital service and is long overdue.  Our city

leaders are recognizing these needs in the city

and are helping us expand our service to the

citizens.  Of course we continue to provide

public fire education in our schools as well as

CPR and first aid training for the public.


  What are your future plans?


As far as my future plans, right now my plan is to help my

son through college and spend as much time with my family

as possible.  We do a lot of things together and always have. 

I want to continue that.  I was also a pilot for years and would

like to fly again in the future.




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