Firefighter Spotlight

Captain Ron Shoemake




Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?


I became a member of the Hendersonville Fire Department

in September 1978.  I had just recently been discharged

from the army and was looking for a career type occupation. 

I had several friends working for the department at that

time and they only had great things to say and were very

happy.  I followed my instinct and tried out for a position

and got hired.  In many ways I consider myself fortunate

to be doing a job I love.



What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?


In working with HFD for a third of my life, I realize that not

only are all the aspects of my job very honorable, but also

rewarding.  The duty to the city and its citizens comes

first and foremost to me and my fellow firefighters. 

That responsibility in itself proves on a daily basis

to be satisfying in every way.  We take pride in

serving our community and at the same time the

gratification that goes along with the service is



 I have formed many friendships since working at the Hendersonville

Fire Department.  My fellow co-workers are not only my friends.

But like brothers.  We work together many hours, but also l

ove to spend off-time hunting, fishing and occasionally playing

a round of golf.


Over the years the growth of Hendersonville in general

has in turn expanded the growth of the fire department. 

As a department we have been fortunate enough to

grow with the city in keeping updated equipment

and technology.  All on with all this, we as firefighters

are first responders and many of us have went on to

become Emergency Medical Technicians, therefore

responding to all medical calls.


  What are your future plans?


My future plans include continuing my duties with the

department and spending time with my wife of 20

years, Ann who is a Sumner County School Bus

Driver and with my son Ryan who is a student

at Beech High School.





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