Firefighter Spotlight

Captain Tom Gordon

Why did you join the Hendersonville Fire Department?

I joined the Hendersonville Fire Department in 1975. 

I was at that time a Real Estate Agent and sales were slow so I

stopped by in hopes of getting a summer job.

When I joined the department, there were 6 people on a shift

with 3 stations and have now grown to 5 stations

with the upwards of 80 firemen plus a full administrative staff.


What do you like most about the Hendersonville Fire Department?

The most rewarding part of this job is definitely helping others

in need and going home from a shift with a feeling of fulfillment. 


Any community activities?

I am currently a member of the Chamber of Commerce,

VFW, American Legion and Al Menah Shrine.


 What are your future plans?

My wife of 27 years, Nancy and I enjoy living in Hendersonville

and being a part of the community.  I am the owner of

Hendersonville Chimney Sweep and plan to

continue with that as well as staying actively involved with

the Hendersonville Fire Department as it has been a

wonderful part of my life and I hope to have many more

years to come.



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