Captain Mike Holt

Firefighter of the Year for 2012

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Captain Mike Holt has proudly served the Hendersonville Fire Department since April of 1993.

He is a state certified Emergency Medical Technician, Journeyman Firefighter and Haz Mat

 Technician.  Captain Holt has risen through the ranks from Firefighter to Senior Firefighter and 

earned the rank of Captain in 2008.  Mike has also completed his Bachelor's Degree in

Professional Studies through the University of Memphis in conjunction with the U.S.

Fire Administration (USFA).  The USFA implemented this course of study as a Distance

Program so career firefighters could attain advanced degrees without having to

meet the constraints of the traditional classroom setting.  Mike has concentrations

offered by the University of Memphis, USFA and Fire Prevention Technology.

Captain Holt currently serves as the officer at Station #6 and is in command of Engine #6. 

Mike is also very active in our training program, especially as it relates to new probationary firefighters.

The department is indeed fortunate to have a firefighter with as much training,

dedication and character as Mike Holt.  He is a tremendous asset to our department.


Newspaper Article

Hendersonville Exchange Club (HEC) honors Hendersonville Fire Dept. Captain, EMT Mike Holt as

Firefighter of the Year on Oct.12, 2012, at their Park Place Center breakfast meeting. Captain Mike Holt

was honored by the HEC , Hendersonville Fire Department and family for his outstanding acts of

courage and duty to the Fire Department. It is said by Deputy Chief Gary Parker, “The department

is indeed pleased to honor Captain Holt for his service, integrity, and being a role model to the

Hendersonville Fire Department. He is a tremendous asset to our department and Hendersonville”.

Deputy Chief Gary Parker and the Hendersonville Exchange Club are proud to honor Hendersonville

Fire Department employees for their service and dedication to the Hendersonville’s citizens.

The Firefighter and the Police officer of the year awards are the Community outreach programs of the

Hendersonville Exchange Club.


Pictured front row left to right :

Division Chief Ray McLaughlin, Captain, EMT Mike Holt, Deputy Chief Gary Parker

Back Row: 

Senior Firefighter Adam Hatela, HEC Chairperson Ernie Bates, Fire Marshal Darrell Fleming and

Firefighter Jonathan Hall


Division Chief McLaughlin and Captain Mike Holt


Ernie Bates from the Hendersonville Exchange Club opens the program.


Deputy Chief Gary Parker presents Captain Holt with his award.



Mike with his family

Mike with his wife Cindy


Mike with other firefighters from Station #6

Left to right:  Senior Firefighter Adam Hatela and Firefighter Jonathan Hall




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