Hendersonville Fire Department Receives SAFER Grant

The Hendersonville Fire Department is honored to have received funds

in the amount of $1.5 million as part of the 2005 Assistance to

Firefighters Grant Program.  This grant will enable the

Hendersonville Fire Department to increase their staff

with additional trained, professional firefighters to

serve the community. 

On the subject of the grant, Fire Chief Jamie Steele said, "

With an ever increasing population and newly annexed areas

into the city, this grant will provide a significant opportunity

for the City to continue providing its top rated fire and

emergency protection."

Mayor Scott Foster congratulated the continuing efforts

of the fire department for their ability to find alternative

means of financially supporting their needs. 

"Our fire department is a perfect example of true

professionalism.  Chief Steele and Inspector Galoppi

saw an opportunity for federal funds and went for it. 

This grant will help the City continue providing top

notch services without taking from the City coffers. 

I commend them for all they do."

More information on the SAFER Grant and Assistance

to Firefighters Grant Program may be found in the

following Department of Homeland Security link:



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