Our Latest Promotions

With the opening of Station #6 close at hand, we

have promoted several employees

who will fill key positions not only at our new

station but throughout the department as well.

Promoted to Captain

These four individuals have been promoted from

Senior Firefighter to Fire Captain. 

They were chosen for an officer position because

of their dedication to the fire service, their proven

commitment to the Hendersonville Fire Department

and their results following a 3-step testing

procedure which included an Oral Assessment

Board comprised of their peers.


Scotty Bush


David Herrington


Mike Holt


Tony Janco



Promoted to Senior Firefighter

These eight firefighters have excelled in their service to

the Hendersonville Fire Department.  Their rankings

were determined by written exam, training/education and

interview before an Oral Assessment Board. 

We are confident these men will continue to advance

in their careers with our department.  They will

be placed in an officer's role at a station in the

absence of the Captain.


Michael Carman


Josh Earhart



Steve Burtnett

Mark Jurgens

Tim Shelton



Chris Sutton

Paul Varble





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Mark White