Four Veteran Officers Retire 

On July 1, 2008, four of the department's

veteran employees retired with almost

120 years of firefighting experience

between them.

The department recognized their distinguished

careers by honoring them with a reception

acknowledging their achievements.

We will certainly miss these men and their

valuable contributions to the citizens of


Captain Larry Deen


Captain Tom Gordon


Division Chief Donny Richardson


Captain Jerry Shamblin


Pictures From Their Reception



They were presented commemorative axes from Local 3460



    Everyone got a chance to see how they have

changed since the early days of their firefighting careers



Division Chief Armstrong presented them with their leather Yorker helmets



They also received a thank you from the department for their years of dedication



Each retiree addressed the crowd, reminiscing about their years in the fire service



Mayor Foster stopped by to express appreciation from the City


The retirees with their family members and Chief Steele




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