From victim rescue, to ventilation, to climbing, the competitors performed a series of tasks
that represents the physical demands that are placed on firefighters on a daily basis. The
TUFF Challenge is geared in support of firefighter fitness and is a great way to showcase the
hard work and dedication of our States’ first responders.

Firefighters Who Participated In the Individual Competition:

Mike Wilson

Chris Sutton

Brian Fann

David Thompson

Troy Bishop

Firefighters Who Participated in the Team Competition:

Team #1:  Jeff Webb, Mike Wilson and Chris Bellavia

Team #2:  David Thompson, Troy Bishop and Chris Sutton

Team #3:  Brian Fann, Nate Renzella and Buford Duke

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The Academy


Individual Competition

Mike Wilson  (Time:  3:15:66)




Chris Sutton  (Time:  3:09:97 )



Brian Fann  (Time:  3:12:65)




David Thompson  (Time:  3:04:62 )




Troy Bishop  (Time:  2:48:38)




Team Competition

Team #1:  Jeff Webb, Mike Wilson & Chris Bellavia

  (Time:  2:16:60)



Team #2:  Troy Bishop, Chris Sutton & David Thompson

(Time:  2:09:34)




Team #2:  Brian Fann, Nate Renzella & Buford Duke

  (Time:  2:14:16)






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