TUFF Championship Axe Presented to Chief Steele

The members of the TUFF Championship Team

presented the 1st place commemorative axe to

Chief Steele.  It will be displayed in the

reception area of the Administrative Office

along with the permanent plaque awarded

to the team.  The axe is a traveling trophy

which the winning team is allowed to display

until next year's competition.


Senior Firefighter Brian Fann presents the championship axe.


Senior Firefighter David Thompson presents the trophy plaque.

TUFF Participants Congratulated by Mayor Scott Foster and Chief Steele

(L to R:  Shelly Burwell, Jeff Webb, Andy Cook, Mayor Foster,

Brad Yunker, Chief Steele, David Thompson, Brian Fann,

Gabe Hannah and Troy Bishop - not pictured:  Eric O'Saile)




Championship Team:  Brad Yunker, David Thompson,

Gabe Hannah, Troy Bishop and Brian Fann

Brad Yunker



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