HFD Takes First Place in TUFF Challenge

Representing the Hendersonville Fire Department at the TUFF Challenge are (left to right):

1st row:  Troy Bishop, Brian Fann, Jeff Webb and Eric O'Saile

Back row:  Gabe Hannah, Shelly Burwell, David Thompson,

Brad Yunker and Andy Cook

TUFF Championship Axe Presented to Chief Steele

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State TUFF Challenge Champions !!

Hendersonville Team #1

Troy Bishop, David Thompson, Brian Fann and Brad Yunker

(not pictured:  Gabe Hannah)

The 6th Annual Tennessee Ultimate Fire Fighter (TUFF) Challenge

was held on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at the

Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

We had 7 firefighters participating in the individual event

and 2 different groups challenging the team event.

We are very proud to announce that Hendersonville

Team #1 finished first in the state with a time of

1 minute 48.60 seconds.

Hendersonville Team #2 finished fifth with a time of

1 minute 55.72 seconds.

Team #2 members:  Shelly Burwell, Andy Cook, Eric O'Saile

and Jeff Webb

Pictures of Individual Competitors

Eric O'Saile - 6th Place

Time:  2 mins. 14.90 seconds



David Thompson

Time:  2 mins. 22.35 seconds




Gabe Hannah

Time:  2 mins. 25.78 seconds





Troy Bishop

Time:  2 mins. 26.44 seconds





Shelly Burwell

Time:  2 mins. 34.60 seconds




Andy Cook

Time:  2 mins. 40.41 seconds





Brian Fann

Time:  3 mins. 13.56 seconds








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