Rookies Graduate

Rookies Graduate From State Fire Academy 

On November 9, 2006, our rookies firefighters graduated from the eight-week

Recruit / Firefighter I program at the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes

Enforcement Academy (TFACA) located in Bell Buckle.   This program is

designed to take the student from pre-service entry level to Firefighter I and

covers all aspects of firefighting based on NFPA 1001 with the exception

of emergency medical training.  Included is classroom instruction, nighttime

response exercises and practical skills training including "live" fire

scenarios.  During the last week of the program, the rookies  took

the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting certification exam for Firefighter I.

Several different departments from around the State were represented

during this training.  As has become the tradition, our firefighters consistently

scored above average.  One of our rookies, Chris Gonzales, was named

President of the Class and had the honor of speaking for the group at

the graduation ceremonies.


Scenes From The Academy

Marching to Lunch.....


Chief Steele Visits the Recruits at the Cafeteria.........


Around The Campus........



Recruits March to Graduation Accompanied by Bagpipes and Engine


The Hendersonville Fire Department Honor Guard Posts the Colors


Class President Chris Gonzales Speaks for the Graduates


The Class Presents Each Instructor with a Plaque of Appreciation


The Hendersonville Fire Department Recruit Class of 2006

Pictured with Fire Chief Jamie H. Steele and Division Chief Gary Parker


Our Honor Guard



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